• Harmony 幼兒救生衣
Product Description and Specs

Crib? Check. Car seat? Check. Toddler PFD? Check. When it comes to family outings, we say the more the merrier. The Harmony Infant-Toddler PFD is specifically designed and crafted for infants or children up to 30 lbs. and features face-up foam distribution with a full head support pillow. The jacket offers a crotch strap for security and its pillow features a sturdy grab loop for easy retrieval and rescue.

• Specifically designed for children up to 30 lbs
• Features face-up foam distribution and a full head support pillow
• Has a crotch snap for security
• Sturdy grab loop for retrieval and rescue
• 2 adjustable side-clip buckles

Approval:USCG Type II


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Harmony 幼兒救生衣

  • 品 牌: Harmony
  • 型 號: Harmony Infant-toddler Life Jacket
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  • $420.00