• Harmony 青少年救生衣
Product Description and Specs

The Harmony Youth Life Jacket PFD is cut and sized for smaller paddlers from 50-90 lbs. Deep cut armholes allow maximum freedom of movement for both paddling and swimming. Low profile foam, center-zip closure system with adjustable waist belt and elastic waist makes a PFD that's as comfortable as it is safe.

• Designed for children 50-90 lbs
• Suitable for both paddling and swimming
• Front zip with adjustable waist belt and elastic waist
• Deep cut armholes and low-profile foam for comfort and ease of movement
• Bright red for better visibility

Approval:USCG Type III
Buoyancy:12 lbs / 5.5 kg


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Harmony 青少年救生衣

  • 品 牌: Harmony
  • 型 號: Harmony Youth Life Jacket
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  • $500.00