• Harmony Sea Passage Aluminum Paddle

The Harmony Sea Passage Paddle offers moderate-sized asymmetrical blades that work well in everything from placid lakes to rough seas. It is suitable for both high and low angle paddling styles and is available with either a 0 degree or 60 degree offset. The Sea Passage is one of Harmony Gear's most popular touring paddles and for good reason.

• Works well for high or low angle paddling
• Popular touring paddles
• Moderate-size asymmetrical blades suitable for placid or rough waters
• Available in 0 degree and 60 degree offset, choose from the drop down menu
Item #:9703
Shaft Type:Aluminum
Shaft Size:Standard
Shaft Color:Black
Blade Color:White
Blade Shape:Asymetrical
Blade Material:Fiberglass/Polypropylene
Weight:32 oz / 907.18 g


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Harmony Sea Passage Aluminum Paddle

  • 品 牌: Harmony
  • 型 號: Harmony Sea Passage Aluminum Paddle
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  • $700.00