Big Stability. Small Platform.

Intended to optimize performance, comfort and capacity – including the AirPro Freedom Elite seating system and a wide standing platform – the Ride sit-on-top kayak is designed bow-to-stern for paddlers and anglers looking to push their limits. The Ride 115 is compact and nimble for extra responsiveness in tight rivers and creeks, yet with enough speed and glide needed for covering water to get to your destination.


Length: 11'6"/351cm;                     Width: 33"/84cm

Boat Weight: 76lbs/34kg;               Deck Height: 16.5"/42cm

Max Capacity: 500lb/227kg



*Rudder Ready

*Self-Bailing Tankwell w/Bungee

*AirPro Freedom Elite Seat

*Self-Bailing Scupper Holes

*SlideTrax Accessory System on Bow


*Comfort Carry Handles

*Keepers XL Foot Brace System

*Orbix Bow and Midship Hatch


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RIDE 115

  • $8,300.00


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