About Zayak

Fresh water or salt water: rivers, lakes, gulfs, bays, oceans and tidal pools;
any clear water venue is a great place for the Zayak® Sea Sled.

Whether you witness the undersea environment with your own two eyes, or use an under water camera to record the 'Features and Creatures' below, you will quickly "see what you've been missing"

Many people who aren't comfortable with scuba diving or snorkeling find that they are much more comfortable on a rigid and stable platform that allows them a wide-angle panoramic view of the underwater environment without the use of a leaky mask or a 'death-grip' on a mouth piece.

Most people find that they can use the Zayak® for hours and still not even get their hair wet!!

All Models come with molded-in carry handles and a fully vented neoprene 'dry' mask.

The Deluxe A-1 XL Model has all the above features plus a built-in Cargo Net to securely hold your underwater camera, your sun lotion and/or a small 'dry bag' with personal belongings. Additionally, the A-1 XL has five molded 'securing points' for hanging accessories from your Zayak or for securing it to a vehicle during transportation. This is the "Consumer Edition" aimed at amateur photographers and marine enthusiasts. Includes a Cargo Net for storage and five eyelets for securing items to the Zayak as well as two Molded Rubber Handles and Drain Plug. 


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Zayak Sea Sled A1-XL Model

  • 品 牌: Zayak Sea-Sled
  • 型 號: Zayak Sea Sled A1-XL Model
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨
  • $5,800.00