• Verve 11'0"



Designed for fitness and middle distance paddling on docile water conditions. Its sleeker lines provide a more streamlined and hydrodynamic glide, the reduced volume allows for a more aggressive and efficient paddling experience. It’s great for a paddler who is a recreational racer and wants to burn some calories.




* Designed for comfort and maneuverability

* Great glide and great tracking

* LiftupTM handle for easy portage & locking

* Holds loads of gear

* Ultra comfortable honey fomb deckpad

* Very light durable and responsive hull




Length                         11’0”                           12’6’’                                      

Width                          27 1/2”                        28”                                                     

Thickness                    6 5/16”                        6 1/2”             

Volume                       221 litres                     265 litres        

Fin Set                         Single                          Single