• Raven 12'6"

RAVEN 12’6”


Much like the Great Bear, it was designed as the ultimate touring and expedition board, for long distance paddling and open water conditions. The new shape and volume allows for more speed and a more comfortable paddling experience in most conditions, coupled with multiple secure points for the gear that you need for a successful expedition. The shorter board allows for a more manageable touring board.




* New shape and volume allows for more speed

* LiftupTM handle for easy portage & locking

* Superior glide and great tracking

* Holds loads of gears, forward & aft

* Ultra comfortable honey fomb deckpad

* Hand finished epoxy with bamboo veneer




Length                         12’6”                          

Width                          29 1/2                                                           

Thickness                    6 1/2                         

Volume                       286 litres                    

Fin Set                         Single                         

Construction                EPX-V