• SOLR 10'6"



Wide, stable and with ample volume, the Solr is extremely versatile and performs optimally in just about every condition. This all-around planing hull is designed to be comfortable and maneuverable. The Solr's stable platform allows for steady balance, while its shape and outline promote great glide and tracking, This ensures efficiency in every stroke. And when the moment strikes, it still surfs like a performance board. Boardworks' unique Honey Fomb® embossed EVA deck-pad mitigates fatigue, and is designed to shed water with ease, keeping it light & water-tight. Easy to reach cargo bungees keep your gear close at hand. Built with Boardworks' light and durable X-Shot construction. Included with the board is a premium carbon adjustable paddle. Making it easy to get on the water and fun for the whole family.




* Designed for comfort and maneuverability

* Stable and comfortable platform

* Great glide and great tracking

* Holds loads of gear

* Ultra comfortable honey fomb deckpad

* Light and durable construction




Length                         10’6”                          

Width                          32                                                     

Thickness                    41/2                          

Volume                       192 litres                    

Fin Set                         Single