• Shubu Riptide 10'6"

Shubu Riptide


Our entry level inflatable board is great for all around water activities, while the shape allows for all paddling abilities. The convenient package comes with a paddle, backpack and pump, which makes it easy to get on the water and store at the end of the day.




* Ultra comfortable honey fomb deck pad

* Stow your gear quickly and easily

* Comfortable neoprene carrying handles

* Lightweight & durable DFL construction




Length                         10’6”

Width                          33”

Thickness                    5”

Volume                       276 litres

Fin Set                         Single

Construction                DFL


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Shubu Riptide 10'6"

  • 品 牌: Boardworks
  • 型 號: Shubu Riptide 10'6"
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  • $6,800.00